Back Pain Doctor West Seneca

Back Pain Doctor West Seneca

How has back pain affected your life? Sleepless nights, functional awkwardness, job loss, and mental imbalance are just a few of the torments. At Universal Chiropractic, we have the best back pain doctor in West Seneca to help you start your healing journey. With our revolutionary pain relief regimen, tools, and healing program, you will regain control of your life! Learn why our approaches work!

  1. Comprehensive evaluation and consultation – Dr. Ziarkowski believes a thorough examination is necessary to formulate an outcome-oriented treatment that works efficiently. Our goal is to determine the origin of your back pain and the biomechanisms at work. During your evaluation, we will probe to get information about your family’s medical history and the severity of your symptoms.

After performing our multipoint screening, we may request an MRI where appropriate. At your initial consultation and followup sessions, rest assured Dr. Z will consistently give you unbiased feedback. Our chief West Seneca NY chiropractor will ascertain you have sufficient information at the initial stages and support your decisions.

  1. Back pain assessment – Since back pain has a broad range of triggers, we aim to get a detailed understanding of your condition. We must learn the age and severity of your symptoms to pinpoint the source. From the offset, we will know if chiropractic care is right for you or not.

How long does it take to recover from back pain? The recovery time varies, especially if your persistent back pain has been a long-term problem. In some instances, our chiropractic doctors in West Seneca will recommend lifestyle changes and ongoing treatment to alleviate your symptoms.

  1. System survey health tracking – One of our ground-breaking tools is our system survey questionnaire. It includes 250 questions that help us to identify the areas of your pain points that require specialized attention. What it does is give us a score based on the status of your core functional support organs: endocrine, digestive, nervous system, and so on.

Using this leading protocol, our doctors will get an idea of your functional health and which areas require supplication. Plus, we can periodically track your improvements over time. 

  1. Nutrition component – Through our studies, we understand that proper nutrition is essential to healing. If you consume GMO foods and practice unhealthy habits, it may inhibit the healing process. Our best low back pain doctors in West Seneca will help you learn about appropriate nutrient-rich produce to speed up healing.

Knowing this, we provide nutritional guidance and counseling to help you make better food choices. Partnering with a trusted health wellness center, we can provide nutrition services and recommend organic whole food supplements for our patients.

  1. Affordable treatment – Our pain relief program is cost-efficient and safe. We take a well-coordinated, integrative approach to pain management in West Seneca, NY.

Using our state-of-the-art adjusting tools: our Vibercuser and impulse device, we can efficiently release your pain. Plus, we incorporate our pain relief kit to help you reduce inflammation and pain at home. With these intelligent tools, you can improve your spinal biomechanics and posture.

Give Universal Chiropractic a call at (716) 677 – 2969 or complete our contact form for a consultation. Our back pain doctor in West Seneca will respond within 24 hours.

Back Pain Doctor West Seneca

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