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Get an accurate diagnosis after a work injury!

Back pain is not what medical doctors want to be treating. Back pain can’t kill you. About 50% of back pain will go away on its own in 8 weeks. Your primary doctor cares most about your vital signs and detecting life threatening illnesses as early as possible. With very limited treatment options, primary care treats sprains, strains, and disc herniations with the same few medications.

Chiropractors have dozens of treatment options for different kinds of back pain. Finding the precise location and origin of pain allows the chiropractors at Universal Chiropractic to prescribe the treatment that will get you out of pain the fastest. This ability comes from years of training in musculoskeletal diagnosis. With standard orthopedic tests used by physical therapists and surgeons as well as fine-tuned intersegmental motion detection, our doctors can accurately determine the source of your pain and the joints and tissues involved.

This advanced system of back pain classification gives us the detail needed to fix work related injuries without surgery. A recent study showed 42.7% of workers who went to see a medical doctor first ended up getting back surgery (Keeney, 2013). When workers saw a chiropractor first, only 1.5% of patients ended up getting back surgery. The number are clear. For the best chance of avoiding surgery, schedule an appointment at Universal Chiropractic today by calling us at 822-BACK!


Keeney, Benjamin J., et al. “Early predictors of lumbar spine surgery after occupational back injury: results from a prospective study of workers in Washington state.” Spine38.11 (2013): 953.