Physical Therapy Charleston Sc

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Physical Therapy Charleston Sc

Dr. Mario Tolj at The BodyFix offers complete physical therapy in Charleston, SC, at budget-friendly prices. We offer non-invasive and drug-free treatment and therapies for a variety of pain conditions and help patients lead an active lifestyle.

Does physical therapy hurt?

Physical therapy usually does not hurt and is a 100% safe treatment. However, this type of therapy applies to injured body parts or areas dealing with chronic pain, which will cause you to experience some level of discomfort. You can expect to feel sore after stretching or undergoing a deep tissue massage, which is normal and usually lasts 1 or 2 days.

In some cases, you may have to undergo tough training to attain your recovery goals. Remember that your response to therapy depends upon your body type, day to day activities, and habits. Regardless of your comfort level with physical therapy, you must stick with your treatment plan to garner full benefits.

Physical therapy for low back pain relief

Patients suffering from low back pain find significant relief from as little as four weeks of physical therapy. It acts as a conservative treatment option for those who do not want to undergo aggressive treatments and back pain surgeries. Physical therapy helps decrease back pain, increases function, and equips patients with essential skills to prevent future injuries. 

Physical therapy for back pain can be of two types: passive physical therapy and active physical therapy. Passive therapy includes heat application, ice packs application, and electrical stimulation, which helps soothe the muscles and soft tissues. Alternatively, active physical therapy in Charleston, SC, involves the use of specific exercises and stretching movements, which helps alleviate lower back pain and minimizes future back pain flare-ups.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) is a type of care that eases pain and helps you function and move better. Your personal doctor may recommend physical therapy to help you attain one of the following recovery goals:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved movement
  • To prevent sports injuries and for a safe and speedy recovery after a sports injury
  • To prevent disability or surgery
  • To improve balance and to prevent slip or fall injuries
  • To manage a chronic illness like arthritis or diabetes
  • To help you control your bowels or bladder
  • To adapt to walking, standing, and using an artificial limb

Besides, physical therapy may also benefit those trying to adapt using assisting devices like a walker or a cane. This procedure can address and treat several types of health problems and disabilities and improve patients’ quality of life considerably.

How does physical therapy treat pain?

Physical therapy helps overcome pain and helps identify the areas with weakness or stiffness that may be causing it. It also helps ease pain and enables you to move better. During a physical therapy session, you will engage in low-impact aerobic training, pain relief exercises, stretching, and strengthening exercises, all of which collectively improve your mobility, quality of life, and range of motion.

Schedule your appointments for physical therapy in Charleston, SC, by reaching us at (843) 981-4500. The BodyFix is a reputed clinical for physical therapy in South Carolina with advanced therapies, budget-friendly treatment packages, and fast and easy online booking options.

Physical Therapy Charleston Sc

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