Sports Physical Therapy Long Island

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Sports Physical Therapy Long Island

Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness is an outstanding center for sports physical therapy in Long Island. Our team of highly skilled therapists and fitness trainers offer the best orthopedic and sports physical therapy that aid in the safe and speedy recovery of patients after surgery or an injury.

What makes us the #1 physical therapy center

We are a high-end physical therapy center with the best equipment, modern amenities, and affordable self-pay rates. We offer flexible scheduling, convenient hours of operation, and individualized treatment plans.

We are in a convenient, easily accessible location and accept all major credit cards and insurance plans. Beyond physical therapy, we offer training like injury prevention education, Kinesio taping, hands-on stretching, gait training, and passive muscle release, all of which help improve mobility, physical fitness, and overall wellness in individuals.

Cost of physical therapy

On average, the cost of physical therapy ranges from $100 to $350 per session. The exact price you pay may differ based on where you live, the type of physical therapy center you choose, the experience of the therapist, etc. If you have insurance, expect to pay anywhere from $30 to $60, and if you do not have insurance, it may cost you $130 – $180 per session. The price you may differ based on your injury and the kind of treatment you need.

All our physical therapists in Long Island, NY, are licensed, highly qualified, and possess several years of experience in training patients of all ages. At our Long Island sports and physical therapy center, we offer an array of services such as sports rehabilitation, post-op rehab, and senior rehabilitation at affordable prices. We have an impressive list of positive reviews on the internet that can vouch for the efficacy of our therapy sessions. 

Sports physical therapy services that we offer

We are a Long Island sports medicine physical therapy center with a team of compassionate, skilled, and highly qualified staff. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Sports Rehabilitation – We offer sports rehab training to patients suffering from an injury, illness, or chronic pain due to a musculoskeletal condition. With sports rehab, we help our clients maintain good health and optimal fitness and help them lead a pain-free life.
  • Concussion Management – Slip and fall accidents can cause a concussion, and it is common in athletes and individuals who play contact sports, such as football, soccer, etc. We offer physical therapy to our clients and help prevent such injuries and help them fully recover from a concussion.
  • Post-operative Rehab – Rehabilitation after surgery helps re-establish muscle strength, range of motion in operated areas, and restores joint motion. Patients that undergo orthopedic surgeries require post-operative rehab to regain stability, balance, and to return to everyday activities.

Get in touch with one of us at Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness to schedule an appointment with our fitness trainers. We are the best fitness center for sports physical therapy in Long Island with hundreds of positive reviews. Our Long Island sports and rehabilitation center is a latex-free facility with top of the line equipment.

Sports Physical Therapy Long Island

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