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Brain Training for Performance Anxiety

They say football is a game of inches. When you’re standing across from a 350 pound lineman, you need every competitive edge you can get. The same is true in all sports. Game Day isn’t what makes a champion. It’s the hours and hours of back-breaking work that makes a champion. This is where you get your edge.

It’s reaching for a salad instead of a cookie because you know your muscles need proper nutrition to recover that makes a champion. It’s going that extra mile even when no one is looking that makes a champion. Top competitors know that it’s your daily choices, added up over time, that will ultimately make or break your success. Cultivating the discipline to make the right daily choices is where serious athletes need to place their focus.

These daily choices are the simplest but most effective way to achieve your goals. They’re also the most difficult. It’s so easy to sit on the couch instead of doing meal prep for the week. Our environment has been designed to make life as effortless as possible. Overcoming those obstacles is not easy and when results are not immediate, doubt slowly starts to set in.

“Is my exercise routine the right plan?  Do I need this supplement? Should I start altitude training?”

Doubt cripples athletes. Anxiety over the best way to reach your potential causes analysis paralysis and frequently switching programs prevents you from reaping the benefits of any. The best way to stop this anxiety is with Brain Training technology. The best Brain Training technology is the NeurOptimal Therapy System.


The way NeurOptimal works is sensors are placed on your head and ears to pick up brain electrical activity that can determine different states of consciousness. Low frequencies (3-5 Hz) are associated with emotional and cognitive reactivity. High frequencies (23-38 Hz) are associated with anxiety and depression. The NeurOptimal system regulates these states by suppressing “unwanted” frequencies with Biofeedback. Basically, you listen to music paired with the brain sensors and the music skips when your frequencies get out of whack.

Stop performance anxiety in its tracks giving you the clarity and focus you need to win! To schedule a NeurOptimal session today, call the doctors at Universal Chiropractic!