Food Service

Wise Choices Food Service

The full meal plan option consists of 10 meals per week for $65.

 The half meal plan option consists of 5 meals per week for $35.

Individual meals may also be purchased at $7 apiece.

You may mix and match any of the ten meal options.

Call Universal Chiropractic at (716)-677-2969 by 6:00 pm each Friday to place your order for the following week. Meals can be picked up Monday afternoon, after 1:00pm.

Refer family and friends who might be interested in our Wise Choices food prep service!

This Week's Menu

Greek chicken wrap

6oz chicken breast / feta cheese / black olive tapenade / romaine lettuce / tiziki sauce / Seasonal vegetable

Asian chicken or shrimp salad

seared chicken breast or sautéed gulf shrimp  / mandarin oranges / carrots / sliced almonds / edamame / whole grain soba noodles / sesame ginger vinaigrette

Honey and dill glazed salmon gf

4oz salmon / brown rice / seasonal vegetables / citrus salsa /sweet chili sauce

Thai curry beef  or shrimp broccoli bowl

seared beef tips or sautéed gulf shrimp / Thai chilis / onions / broccoli / lemon grass / brown rice / curry coconut broth

Toasted quinoa and kale fruit salad gf

Blended berries / quinoa / kale / sliced almonds / honey chia yogurt dressing

Tex mex chicken or pork bowl gf

corn and red pepper salsa / black bean humus / brown rice / chipotle aioli

BBQ pulled chicken gf

BBQ braised chicken / slow cooked greens / grilled sweet potatoes / coleslaw / house BBQ sauce

Whole grain veggie pasta (zuchinni noodles)gf

Whole grain penne / broccoli / summer squash / roasted red peppers / eggplant / sun-dried tomato pesto


Summer lemon protein bars  2.50
Almond chia and pumpkin protein bars 2.50
Blueberry and banana morning muffins 3.50
Honey granola and mixed berry yogurt parfait 4.00

All meals can be adjusted to meet dietary needs

Weekly Food Pick Up Questions & Answers

Q – What is the cost?
A – A weekly plan (Mon – Fri) includes 5 lunches and 5 dinners, totaling $65.00. That’s $6.50 per meal.

Q – Can I purchase individual meals?
A – Yes, they are $7.00 per meal

Q – When do I pick up my meals?
A – Mondays from 1:00pm – 6:30pm & Tuesdays from 8am – 6:30pm.  If picking up meals after Tuesday meals will be frozen, so yes you can freeze your meals

Q – How do I pay?
A – When you pick up your food by either cash, check or credit card

Q – Where does the food come from?
A – Chef Jon Wise prepares the meals with food from local farmers

Q – Is the food good for me?
A – Yes, Wise Choices are healthy foods that taste great. They are both low calorie and low glycemic foods. Let us know if you are gluten and/or dairy sensitive or allergic to seafood and/or nuts.

Q – How do I place my order?
A – There are two options. One, call the office at 677-2969. Two, email Dr. Z at We plan on adding a texting option soon

Q – Can I see the menu for the week?
A – Yes, the weekly menu will be posted on our website blog at and on our Facebook page, so LIKE us on Facebook!

Q – Can I omit meals that I don’t like?
A – Yes, that is why it is a good idea to check out the menu. Let us know what to omit when you place your order.

Q – When do I have to place my order?
A – All orders must be placed by Friday at 6:00pm.

Q – What if I have food allergies?
A – Let us know and we will accommodate you.

Q – What should I do for breakfast?
A – I would suggest a protein shake with zero or low sugar.