Food Service

Wise Choices Food Service

The full meal plan option consists of 10 meals per week for $65.

 The half meal plan option consists of 5 meals per week for $32.50.

Individual meals may also be purchased at $7 apiece.

You may mix and match any of the ten meal options.

Call Universal Chiropractic at (716)-677-2969 or text (716)-400-9626 by 6:00 pm each Friday to place your order for the following week. Meals can be picked up Monday afternoon, after 1:00pm.

Refer family and friends who might be interested in our Wise Choices food prep service!

This Week's Menu

Turkey and brie quesadilla
Roasted cider brined turkey breast/ sliced brie/ aged swiss/ cranberry aioli/ grilled vegetable salad

Grilled chicken and poached pear salad (gf)
Grilled chicken/ poached pears/ almonds/ goat cheese/ arugala/ balsamic vinaigrette 

Fall harvest chicken salad wrap
 Diced chicken/ craisins/ apples/ pecans/ wheat tortilla/ honey apple vinaigrette/ side arugala salad
Tuscan tuna wrap
Tuscan tuna salad/ grapes/ walnuts/ dill/ arugala salad/ lemon aioli
Cabernet braised beef stew
Cabernet braised beef stew/ smashed sweet potatoes/ grilled vegetable salad

Sesame seared chicken or shrimp skewers (gf)
Asian marinated chicken or shrimp/ scallion brown rice/ sweet and spicy sauce

Grilled cider brined pork chop (gf)
Grilled cider brined pork chop/ apple cabbage/ grenn bean and almond salad

Horseradish crusted salmon (+$1.00)
Horseradish crusted salmon/ quinoa/ grilled vegetable salad/ miso vinaigrette

Weekly Food Pick Up Questions & Answers

Q – What is the cost?
A – A weekly plan (Mon – Fri) includes 5 lunches and 5 dinners, totaling $65.00. That’s $6.50 per meal.

Q – Can I purchase individual meals?
A – Yes, they are $7.00 per meal

Q – When do I pick up my meals?
A – Mondays from 1:00pm – 6:30pm & Tuesdays from 8am – 6:30pm.  If picking up meals after Tuesday meals will be frozen, so yes you can freeze your meals

Q – How do I pay?
A – When you pick up your food by either cash, check or credit card

Q – Where does the food come from?
A – Chef Jon Wise prepares the meals with food from local farmers

Q – Is the food good for me?
A – Yes, Wise Choices are healthy foods that taste great. They are both low calorie and low glycemic foods. Let us know if you are gluten and/or dairy sensitive or allergic to seafood and/or nuts.

Q – How do I place my order?
A – There are two options. One, call the office at 677-2969. Two, email Dr. Z at [email protected]. We plan on adding a texting option soon

Q – Can I see the menu for the week?
A – Yes, the weekly menu will be posted on our website blog at and on our Facebook page, so LIKE us on Facebook!

Q – Can I omit meals that I don’t like?
A – Yes, that is why it is a good idea to check out the menu. Let us know what to omit when you place your order.

Q – When do I have to place my order?
A – All orders must be placed by Friday at 6:00pm.

Q – What if I have food allergies?
A – Let us know and we will accommodate you.

Q – What should I do for breakfast?
A – I would suggest a protein shake with zero or low sugar.