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How to Reduce Pain while Improving your Sleep

When choosing a pillow there are many things you will want to take into consideration. Like, sleeping posture, are you a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper? What type of pillow material is going to give you the best support for your body? Are you someone who gets warm at night and needs a something a little cooler to help you stay asleep? Are you dealing with neck pain or do you wake up with pain?

When you are in pain, the last thing you want to deal with is waking up in pain after a night of terrible sleep. And the quality of your sleep can affect so how you feel on so many levels, from your mood, to your alertness, getting good sleep is vital to becoming your best and feeling your best. That is why at Universal Chiropractic we like the ChiroFlow Waterbase pillow.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes up the ChiroFlow Waterbase pillow. The ChiroFlow pillow consists of 3 to 4 inches of a soft polyester fiber fill over a water base at the bottom of the pillow. ChiroFlow also has a water base pillow with a layer of memory foam over the water base. The water base can be filled up to create a customized level of support and cushioning that will move with you and provide optimal support for your neck and head, in whatever position you like to sleep in.

The ChiroFlow Waterbase pillow has been one of the best selling chiropractic pillows for the past 20 years. And recent research has provided us with proof of what we at Universal Chiropractic have known for a long time. That a quality, supportive pillow can be the difference between a good night of sleep and a bad night of sleep.

One of the first studies to look at the benefits of a water base pillow, like the ChiroFlow pillow, was done at The John Hopkins School of Medicine. They compared a ChiroFlow pillow to a roll pillow and a standard pillow. The results of the study showed significant improvement in quality of sleep, increased relief of neck pain and a decrease of pain upon waking in the morning when compared to the roll pillow and standard pillow.

Additional studies have had similar results. A sleep study done at Logan Chiropractic College compared the ChiroFlow pillow to patient’s current pillow. This study found that after 30 days of using the ChiroFlow pillow patients reported a 50% reduction in morning pain, 50% reduction in neck pain overall, and a 50% increase in their sleep quality. They also found that patients woke up less during the night and if they did wake up they were able to get back to sleep without difficulty.

Patients that use the ChiroFlow pillow also report high levels of satisfaction with their ChiroFlow pillow. In a survey of 104 patients who were given a ChiroFlow pillow 70% reported that the ChiroFlow pillow was better than their standard pillow and that they had good to excellent sleep every night they used the ChiroFlow pillow. In fact, 90% of those that tried the ChiroFlow pillow said they would continue to use the ChiroFlow pillow because of how effective the ChiroFlow pillow was at improving their sleep and pain.

So, if you’re ready to sleep better, wake up refreshed and with less pain talk to your doctor about getting a ChiroFlow waterbase pillow of your own!

Article written by:

Dr. Marshall Dornink