“Nutrition Mission”

Dr. Z's Nutrition Mission

What do Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe D and Dr. Z have in common?

They both want to transform your health … and do it with you!

Dr Z’s nutrition mission is to educate clients about the principles of whole food nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, as well as to utilize over twenty years of professional and personal nutrition experience to help clients get their “systems” back to normal, avoid health hazards, and enjoy greater longevity.

Dr. Z’s program, in conjunction with the 21 Day Cleanse, is a great way to get healthy now, and stay healthy in the future.

Recently, Buffalo Bills legend Joe D met Dr. Z and they just clicked.

After Dr. Z explained the “Transform Your Health in 21 Days” program”, Joe D was in! Dr. Z and Joe D, along with patients will begin the purification journey together.

I totally understand nutrition and supplements (vitamins). I have lived my whole life through natural nutrition and supplementation. I’m 60 years old and I am in the best shape you could be in. My doctor says I am a “freak of nature”.  Dr. Z is on the cutting edge with whole food supplements and I can’t wait to start his plan. – Joe D.


Dr. Z is on a “NUTRITION MISSION” to transform peoples’ health in WNY.

We’ve had our patients go through the program which has transformed their health. We are addressing many medical issues naturally such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, fatigue, weight loss challenges to name a few. The only thing that was missing is how to get people to exercise on their own without taking much time or cost. – Dr. Z


That’s where Joe D and his exercise bands are a natural fit.

His bands have been used by athletes, students, physicians, housewives and just about anybody.  Joe has developed a 15- minute, full body exercise program that anyone can do either in the privacy of your home or anywhere. They are portable and affordable!