Transform Your Health In 21 Days

Weight Loss Challenges? Fatigue? Health Issues?

It’s time to hit the Reset Button in your body and join us … take the journey together with Dr. Z & the Staff.

Dr. Z’s 6 Step Process

1. | Comprehensive Nutritional Exam (with the Doctor)

2. | Systems Survey Evaluation

3. | Kick Off Party (Hour Health Class, Step by Step Purification Instructions, Food Sampling, Instructions on Making Shakes, Home Exercise Components.)

4. | 21 Days Supply of Whole Food Supplements

5. | Personal Coaching and 24 Hour Support

6. | Post Purification (After the Purification Process) By Doing the Above…You will Transform Your Health.

What to expect with your Nutritional Exam

You will need to fill out the following forms prior to scheduling an appointment. (Forms can be e-mailed to you)

Daily Food Intake Record  |  Systems Survey Form  |  Toxicity Questionnaire

On the day of your appointment, the Doctor will:

  • Perform a 3 step Digestive test.
  • Review your Systems Survey Results  (The Systems Survey is entered into a program which creates a written report that analyzes your Liver, Gallbladder, Nervous System, Cardiovascular, Endocrine System, Thyroid, Adrenals and Sugar Handling)
  • Analyze your toxic load (the amount of toxins that your body needs to process)

You will receive a copy of the written report.