South Buffalo Chiropractic

Universal Chiropractic is practice administrator of South Buffalo Chiropractic, a name which has been a household name in the community since the 1980s.

In the Spring of 2017, Dr. Ziarkowski acquired South Buffalo Chiropractic from his mentor, Dr. Amabile, who had to step down due to illness. Built on the hallmarks of compassion and care, as well as first-rate treatment, South Buffalo Chiropractic was established with a goal to become the largest chiropractic care provider in the area. The current doctors of South Buffalo Chiropractic continue to honor that vision. This vision of the past and present doctors combined, is to provide the patients with the means to achieve the highest possible quality of life. To improve their health through personal dedication and cutting-edge technology, and to help them heal, without surgery, in the most affordable manner possible.

Location | 1923 Seneca Street in Buffalo.

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Dr. Richard Ziarkowski, D.C.



KST Certification
Koren Specific Technique
Certified from Dr. Ted Koren


Universal Chirpractic P.C. Buffalo, NY
Offices in West Seneca and Buffalo


South Buffalo Chirpractic Buffalo, NY
Independent Contractor
Patient Evaluation, Treatment and Diagnosis
Read Radiological reports



Kennedy Decompression
Certified from Dr. Kennedy


New York Chiropractic College
Licensed in New York State #X009226


NeuroMechanical Technique
Certified from Dr. Colloca (First in NYS)



The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners


The Copes Program of Scoliosis