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What is the Immune System?

Boost your immune system! More and more we are hearing about our immune system and how important a strong immune system is to our health and well-being. But we don’t hear much about what the immune system actually is. And I must tell you, our immune system is an amazing thing! So let’s take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes of our immune system.

The first line of defense the body has in place act as a protective barrier to prevent foreign microbes from entering the body. These barriers are:

  • Skin – waterproof barrier that produces oils with bacteria killing ability
  • Mucous Layers – sticky barrier found in lungs and digestive tract that traps foreign cells
  • Lungs – mucous layer and small hairs (cilia) move mucous up and out
  • Digestive tract – mucous layer contains antibodies to fight bacteria and stomach acid kills most microbes
  • Body Fluids – skin oils, tears, and saliva all contain antibacterial enzymes to neutralize any foreign microbes

Sounds like a pretty good defense system! But in the event a microbe does make it through your body has that covered too. There are many cells, organs and systems all work together to protect our bodies from various microbes, bacteria, viruses and fungi that make us sick. And it remembers every little one of these invaders so that if we run into them again we can beat them even faster, sometimes before we even feel sick!

The main parts of the immune system are:

  • White blood cells – the star players
  • Anti-bodies & the complement System – the ammunition
  • Lymphatic System – the transport and communication system
  • Spleen – the clean-up and disposal system
  • Bone Marrow – the immune cell factory
  • Thymus – where t-cells are made

And let’s not forget our nervous system! Our nervous system and our immune system are inter-connected and rely on each other for feedback to make sure that the body is responding appropriately to the threat it is facing. Keeping our spine and nervous system in tip-top shape keeps our immune response strong.

As you can see there are many cells, tissues and organs all working together to keep you safe from foreign microbes. But we need to do our part to keep our body functioning at its best so that the immune system can do its job. That includes things like getting enough sleep, eating a healthy & balanced diet and many other things we will be going over in our upcoming series on the immune system.

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