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Why Moms Should Continue to Get Adjusted After Giving Birth

  1. Mommy neck: Most moms are looking down at their new little nugget while feeding, changing and loving. This can cause stress on the upper back and neck. Adjustments can help to relieve the stress on the upper body.


  1. Baby Back and Pelvis: Birth is hard work. A lot of stress is put on a new mom’s low back and pelvis during the birthing process, and often we need to be in not so ideal positions to get baby out. Getting adjusted after giving birth can help the low back and pelvis recover after the metaphorical marathon.


  1. It is the “Humpty Dumpty Phase: A mom’s body is undergoing a healing phase after pregnancy and delivery. Getting adjusted can help to ensure that this healing is occurring properly.


  1. Hormones: A new mom still has a high level of the hormone relaxin in the body. This hormone is produced to help the ligaments in the pelvis relax and stretch for the labor and delivery process, but it does not leave the body right away. Getting adjusted can help to ensure that as the ligaments tighten back up, everything is settling into a proper alignment. 


  1. Potentially Lower the Risk of Post Partum Depression: Adjustments can help to increase the activity of a specific part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. Stimulation and increased activity in this part of the brain and decrease a new mom’s risk of PPD.


  1. Shifting Center of Gravity: During pregnancy, most expectant moms experience a huge shift in their center of gravity due to increased weight distribution to the front of the body, between the baby and often times an increased bust size. This can alter body mechanics and gait pattern. This shifts even faster after the baby is born. This can cause back pain and adjustments may help to reduce this.


  1. Check for Signs of Core Dysfunction: Whether a birth is vaginal or via c-section most moms will experience a decrease in core muscle tone due to the pregnancy itself. Signs of core dysfunction may be spotted and rehabed to aid in strengthening the core again. 


  1. It takes up to a year for a new mom’s body to get back to normal after birth: Chiropractic care may help to keep the body balanced, which can aid in a faster recovery. 


  1. Stress: Having a newborn can be an amazingly stressful time. By stimulating different parts of the spine, we can reduce stress levels. This occurs by stimulating the part of the nervous system that is known as our “rest and digest” system, which helps to balance our “flight or fight” system.


  1. Many new moms are doing a lot of sitting while they are feeding, rocking and loving on baby: Chiropractic adjustments after a baby is born can help to facilitate normal pelvic function and biomechanics. 


  1. Post Partum Nutrition: This is vitally important, especially if you are breast feeding.